• Learn how to crack a whip (literally) #55

    A couple of weeks ago, Dan told me that we were going on a date on a weekend morning, which I completely assumed was code for ‘we’re trying a new brunch place.’ But instead, we walked down to our local park, where we met up with Charles. Dan had arranged for him to meet us and spend about an hour teaching us how to crack whips. I think some of you will probably ask, how does one find someone for an activity like this?  And, in reply and as a reminder, we live in Berkeley. This isn’t really anything out of the norm. [Seriously. We were in a public park for an hour, surrounded by residential homes. No one looked twice. In fact, a couple of people made supportive/encouraging comments.]

    Before you scroll down and see the documentation of this adventure, I need to say a word about the hat. It is Charles’ hat, and after I took a nice whip to the back of the head, he let me borrow it (and then Dan) to prevent just such an issue from repeating itself.  I have to say, that cracking a whip is difficult and easy all at one time. Once you get the motion of it down, I feel like it would be easy to continue doing and get better at (in terms of consistency and accuracy, if you want to hit things). But it’s also very tiring! I had to stop about 45 minutes in because it started affecting my shoulder.  But, skill learned and adventure had.



    Thanks for helping me with my list Dan :)

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  1. meghan says:

    That hat completes it. Obviously.

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