100 Things, 1000 Days


  1. Have some concrete plans for world travel
  2. Stay in Vegas on the Strip
  3. See the Grand Canyon
  4. Go dogsledding
  5. Stay overnight in a treehouse
  6. Relax in a natural hot spring
  7. Go to New Orleans for Mardi Gras Jazzfest
  8. Visit 3 new states (Arizona, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island)
  9. Go to a Steelers game
  10. Take trips to new, local places (at least 12)
  11. Go berry picking
  12. Plan a trip with friends
  13. See Big Sur
  14. See the White Sands
  15. See as many DMB concerts as years in my age (#29 9/9/12)

Being a Grown Up

  1. Figure out when it is necessary to make a will. Make a will.
  2. Look into life insurance
  3. Look into pet insurance
  4. Get James microchipped
  5. Start planning for retirement (eek!)
  6. Finish the emergency kit
  7. Have some concrete plans around buying a home
  8. Have some concrete plans for where we are living next
  9. Save an amount of money I’m not disclosing here
  10. Get engaged
  11. Always take off my makeup before I go to bed
  12. Get a good skincare regimen

Being Crunchy

  1. Find out more about bartering websites
  2. Join a CSA
  3. Move away from using antibacterial products
  4. Use homemade cleaning products (bathroom/counter spray, check)
  5. Transition from plastic to other materials in the kitchen (storage containers, utensils, etc)
  6. Buy more handmade items, give more handmade gifts
  7. Make an advent calendar
  8. Do want/need/wear/read one year for gifts
  9. Actually use our Tiffin

Because I Love to Eat

  1. Finish cooking our way through our seasonal cookbook
  2. Bake 3 new kinds of breads
  3. Bake 3 new kind of cookies
  4. Bake 5 new kinds of cupcakes
  5. Taste at least 50 items on the Big Eat lists (woot!)
  6. Go to a Jardiniere Monday Night Dinner
  7. Finally get to Chez Panisse
  8. Take ourselves to a fancy, multi-course, hours-long dinner

Things to Learn

  1. Learn how to play chess
  2. Learn how to play pool
  3. Learn how to knit
  4. Learn how to can/preserve foods
  5. Learn how to make piecrust
  6. Learn how to crack a whip (literally, not figuratively)
  7. Learn how to properly fold a fitted sheet
  8. Learn how to poach an egg
  9. Learn the location of all the countries in the world
  10. Learn American Sign Language (at least begin to)
  11. Learn to juggle
  12. Learn to make homemade tortilla chips
  13. Get CPR/First Aid certified (again)
  14. Finish researching the “list of women I should really know”

For Me

  1. Do a month of journaling everyday
  2. Get some “professional” pictures taken of me and Dan, by Franklin and Rosa
  3. Get at least 6 5 massages
  4. Get at least 1 henna design
  5. Buy some really nice bras
  6. Read at least 100 books (2010 – 29, 2011 – 39, 2012 – 30)
  7. Lose a couple of pant sizes
  8. Find a physical activity I love to do
  9. Complete a triathlon
  10. Buy myself a really nice purse
  11. Be up to date on our scrapbook
  12. Do something for my parents on my birthday
  13. Donate my time
  14. Donate to organizations I believe in, whenever I am able
  15. Make a new friend
  16. Get my t-shirts made into a quilt
  17. Convert college disks into DVDs
  18. Hem curtains and rehang them in my office (oops, moved offices)
  19. Paint on the blank canvasses we have
  20. Use my nice stationary to write more letters**
  21. Do 10 8 of the 52 projects (1, 10, 14, 16, 17, 21, 24, 25, 27, 29, 32, 40, 43 and 45 are all contenders)

Career Related

  1. Find my professional organization home
  2. Reopen doors with other student affairs people I’ve lost touch with
  3. Keep in touch with my “first generation” of Cal students who are graduating


  1. **


  1. Russian Hill South
  2. Fort Mason
  3. Presidio
  4. Golden Gate Heights**
  5. St. Frances Wood
  6. Mt. Davidson
  7. Edgehill
  8. Forest Hill
  9. Forest Knolls
  10. Twin Peaks Foothills
  11. Upper Market
  12. Dolores Heights
  13. Diamond Heights, Fairmount Heights and Glen Canyon Park
  14. McLaren Park and Excelsior
  15. Four Hills

**completed after 11/1/12

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